My dog hurt his leg /foot somehow and hobbles on 3 legs. I know he is in pain. I have been giving him 50 mg of Rimadyl

twice a day since the incident yesterday. I cannot afford to take him to the vet until next week and my vet whom I've been with for many years does not take payments. Is there anything you can suggest to keep him comfortable until then. I do not knoe wether he sprained it or broke it, but I know he's in alot of pain. He's a full blooded Pitbul age 3.5. He was ouside playing with his mother yesterday when it happened. It doesn't appear to be broken, but I'm no expert. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Asked by Member 684857 on Aug 15th 2008 in Other Health & Wellness
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How do you know he is in pain? Is he crying if you touch it or even when he's laying down? Our dog recently hurt his leg a couple weeks ago when he jumped and landed wrong. He didn't cry or anything when I checked him,(jumped a little) but he did hold his paw up for about a week. The vet felt he may have just stoved it or twisted it a bit. I gave him warm baths to soak it in and would not let him jump or climb any stairs. We carried him around a lot until we noticed he was able to put pressure on it again. Make sure that his leg is still warm (blood flow still going to it). Can't your vet at least tell you what to do for him until you can get him there? If you are sure he is in pain, I think he really needs to be seen. Can you call the vet and see what the bare minimum they can charge you, to at least have him seen?

Malachai answered on Aug 15th.

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Do you have a crate to keep him in? Also, what exactly was he doing when he started hurting? Did he land wrong? It is possible he broke his toes or a toe. What are his reactions when you try to touch the area? You are doing the right thing in taking him to your vet, although it may help to give him an anti-inflamatory of some kind. I would say that if you have a crate that he can lay in most of the day, keep him in there. It will keep him from re-injuring himself, and will keep you at ease until you can take him to your vet. Obviously try not to let him walk anywhere besides to the yard, etc., and make sure he has soft surfaces to walk and lay on. Try to keep him on 'bed rest' until you can see your vet. Good luck with your guy - let me know how he does.

Sabo answered on 8/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer