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My dog bites

My dog bites people on the leg or shoes when my friends come in my house or walk past my dog.He is a Chihuahua mix.Also when my friend brings his 2 dogs over,he has a terrier mix and a lab.My dog does nothing to the terrier but he always tried to nip and bite at the lab.I already know why.Is there anyway that I can make him stop biting other people and just warn me with a bark when strangers or friends come in?

Asked by Sugar the second on Jan 6th 2008 Tagged chihuahuamix, biting, training in Aggression
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Funny, because I am on here searching for answers to y my foster dog is biting and he looks IDENTICAL to yours! I do know about the bitter apple spray when they bite, but you have to predict when you think that will happen and be ready, also, when they exhibit aggressive behavior to put them into the crate for a time out. When ours bites , i hold his muzzle closed tightly and tell him NO firmly, and if we are at home I put him into the crate. It doesnt seem to be working so far, so I am going to give the bitter apple spray a try. If I have any luck with anything I ll let you know! Please do the same, as I would really like to find this little guy a good home when he is rehabilitated and not have him end up back at the pound or euthanized .
Pretty tricky , many methods out there, and like us, no 2 dogs are the same :)
good luck!

Yoda answered on 1/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My puppy bites all of the time, I just started squirting lemon juice into his mouth when he bites and already I see a huge improvement, his teeth haven't touched my hand since the 3rd squirt of lemon juice. I have a plastic lemon from the grocery store that has a squirt top and I carry it around when he usually bites (playtime, picking him up. ect.) and while he's biting I squirt it into his mouth and tell him "No biting" firmly. He's already made the connection that "No biting" or "Dont bite" means lemon juice.

Member 1057371 answered on 9/25/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer