My dog Barks at everything......

My Jack Russell Terrier will not stop barking. She will bark at the TV if anykind of animal comes on. She sits there or lays there and watched the TV. We have turned off the TV when something comes on that will make her bark but she won't stop barking. She also barks when she is outside. Any little noise will set this dog off. I'm just at the end of my rope. We live in a condo complex so I don't need the people around us to complain. She is excercied everyday by one of our neighbors and by my husband and I everyday.

We love taking her and her sister for a drive and if we pass any farm she is up and looking for something to bark at. We have tried bitter apple, vinegar squirts in the mouth. We have put her in her cage away from the noises and the TV and she still barks her head off. She will get our other dog going also but we can get her to quit not Sammy though.

Advice? Times we think this is undercontrol and times like this week it is insane with all her barking.....

Asked by Samantha on Apr 24th 2008 in Barking
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Simple: JRTs [Jack Russell Terriers] NEED a LOT of exercise. They are EXTREMELY high energy and if you cannot provide them with the proper amount of exercise...well, they can and will turn out like your Samantha. She is barking out of bordness. JRTs also constantly need something to do unless they are napping. Laying around in a crate or even a house all day with no long playtime is almost torture for them.
This is one reason why people need to research the dog breeds extensively before choosing one. Not everyone can put up with the JRT's energy requirements. Many people get a JRT just because they're cute and end up with problems like yours.
Also, as a bonus, I'd teach him to bark only 3 or 4 times. Let her bark the number, and then tell her that that's enough and thank you. If need be, distract her with a toy or a treat.
Also, make sure that you have lots of toys on hand. JRTs sometimes use you as a toy (eg, play-bite you) if you don't provide them with toys.

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Instead of punishing Sammy when she is barking you need to praise her when she stops barking. Any attention you give her when she acts out whether positive or negative is a reinforcement to her. When she is barking try redirecting her attention with a toy or treat and when she stops barking tell her what a good dog she is. This is going to take time and patience and it won't be solved over night. Snoopy is right, JRT are very high energy and very busy and can be very disruptive if not trained properly. You didn't say if Sammy has been through a training class but it probably wouldn't hurt to go through a class with her, just to get some basic training ideas and this might help socialize her some so she learns she doesn't need to bark at everyone. Good Luck.

Roxie answered on 4/24/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer