my dog ate buttons, what do i do?

I came home from work and my 5 month old Scottie got into my craft box, I have yet to figure out how, Anyway, he ate a lot of my buttons in there, They're all pretty small and so far hes gotten them up (vomiting) or out (pooping)but I'm worried and need to know if there's anything I should look for that means hes has a button blockage. Is there anything I can feed him to make him go diarrhea so the buttons come out? HELP!
ps Its too late for me to go to the doggy e.r.

Asked by Member 1003908 on Sep 12th 2010 Tagged puppy, constipation, sick, buttons, health in Health & Wellness
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I know you must be worried, but relax. If he's pooping them out or vomiting them up, then chances of a blockage are very small. If he is eating/drinking normally then all you need to do is wait. Adding about a tablespoon of canned pumpkin...not pie filling, just pumpkin, can help move things along. Metamucil will also safely work on dogs. To ease your mind & help you see you're not alone go to the Dog Health Forum & read the thread "Your dog ate WHAT?"

answered on Sep 12th.

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I love what Wiley said about this forum: Check out some of the objects other dog's have eaten.. you'll be surprised!

Don't worry too much and keep an eye on him. I don't think he needs to go to the emergency vet. He should be okay.

My dog has managed to swallow a banana peel, and even a pair of underwear ;) And he's still okay today!

Buckeye answered on 9/12/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


man those scotties love to eat and swallow the strangest things. You can do the can of pumpkin but if you want a faster result. Give the dog about a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide acts as an instant emetic and will cause the dog to throw up all what he has eaten. We do this all the time at the vet clinic i work at. Its a lot faster than the waiting game.

Jazzy answered on 9/12/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer