My Beagle won't stop peeing in the house. It is definitely behavorial. He does it during the night or if I take a nap. H

Asked by Frasier on Dec 27th 2007 in House Soiling
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KABX  loves Sammy

Is your dog potty trained? If he isnt maybe you should start there.If he is a potty trained adult and only misbehaves when you are not looking then he is trying to get your attention. Reinforce the rules of potty and praise him when he tells you that he needs to go out and do his business. If you are sure this is behavioral, pretend you are napping and keep an eye on him and as soon as you see him trying to pee indoors say "Frasier come on lets go out for potty" and praise him for this good behavior. Do not yell at him when you see he is trying to urinate indoors because this will only mean that he can get your attention like that. Now, easy tips: Before going to bed take Frasier to go potty and be sure he does it before letting him back in. Make this a bedtime ritual. Do not give him water late at night if he is on training and you dont know how long he can hold it. Be aware that he might be trying to tell you late at night that he needs to go out. Good luck!

KABX loves Sammy answered on Dec 28th.

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if he is peeing inside of your home, check the things they are peeing on, they may not like it!
:( perhaps chemical, smell, --place something they are scared of.. for instance a broom or mop.. in front of it,,, no water before bed time..easy access to a place where they can go to the bathroom, or if not lay out newspaper dogs always will rather pee on that .. Good Luck they also sell TRAIN OFF sprays for dogs that pee inside of homes available at wal-mart

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Cadillac CGC

dogs pee when youre gone or sleeping because they NEED TO PEE. every time you leave he needs to go to the potty right before, and when you wake up or come home he needs to go again. peeing indoors is not behavioral unless he is getting every chance he needs to relieve himself. in which case he'd pee right in front of you while youre awake.

dogs pee while we're gone because they cannot hold it that long. the younger and older dogs have problems holding it for long periods of time. male dogs of all ages have a harder time than female dogs. and in general people assume dogs can hold it for 12 hours. but they cant. take him to pee more often and you wont find pee every morning.

Cadillac CGC answered on 12/27/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with Cadillac. Dogs can't hold it as long as people think. Try setting an alarm and getting up a every few hours during the night and taking him outside. After a while, go longer between potty breaks. Then go longer. Eventually he will learn that when you wake up, that is the time for him to go potty.

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