My American Hairless Terrier keeps eating all of his clothes!! Any Suggestions?!?! I live in Chicago and it gets very ve

Asked by Remi on Oct 6th 2013 in Chewing
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Tasha (in memory)

Your dog might be attracted to eating particular fabrics. Take him to the store with you to buy clothes. A Thundershirt might warm and calm him at the same time. Put the clothes down on the ground in front of him before you try them on. If he thinks it's a chew blanket, move on. Also, there might be something in your washing detergent or fabric softener that is attracting him. Use free and clear unscented products and wash the clothes before he gets a chance to wear them. We live in Florida... opposite problem! ^_^

Tasha (in memory) answered on 10/8/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer