My 1 year old pomeranian is not as fluffy as I expected. Are there any type of nutrients or vitamins I can give her?

I have a 1 year old pomeranian, and she already went through her puppy uglies and everything, but her coat is still not that full poof ball that I was expecting. I got her from a reputable breeder and both her parents were pomeranians, so I was just wondering if there are two different types of coats that pomeranians can have and if she is the one with a flatter coat. I just want to make sure she's not the only pomeranian out there that looks like this. If there are any vitamins or supplements I can give her to help grow her undercoat I would appreciate tips. Thanks!

Asked by **Mika** on Aug 16th 2009 Tagged pomeranian, coat, undercoat, fluffy in Pomeranian
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Coat can be genetic... do her parents have good coats??? Also, some lines mature more slowly than others...including coat length and thickness, she just may be too young to have a great coat yet.

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Your Pom is lovely and has a perfect coat. Poms shed the heavy undercoat in the summer months, she will puff up some in the fall. Some of the poof you are used to seeing at dog shows is fur full of product and has been teased to look like a poof ball. It's not natural, nor is it healthy hair as the shaft is damaged.

Links to perfect Poms:


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My brother's family had a purebred Pom for many years; she had a lot of problems with her fur falling out. The vet said it was caused by hormone imbalances, which is apparently common in this breed. If you start to see bald spots, take her for a vet visit and perhaps a blood panel to check for abnormalities.

Also, pay attention to the ingredients in her food. If it contains corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or beet pulp, it could cause allergic problems.

Good luck!

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Well a healthy diet will help your Pom have a nice healthy looking coat, its mainly genetics on the type of coat they will have. But please keep in mind a Pomeranian's coat is not full until they are 2 years old. Give it a year and you will see a major difference (that is if both parents had nice full coats).

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a healthy diet keeps the coats light, healthy and shiny. I feed my pom EVO by innova or a RAW diet, depending on the day of the week. Some poms have coats that take longer to mature but poms are usually in their forever coat by 16 mos max. Both parents being poms would go without saying if your pup came form a reputable breeder. But poms only come with one type of coat which is a dense undercoat with a standout upper coat, it should not lay flat. Make sure you groom your dog every 6 weeks and brush every other day. Sheddings that arent brushed out can hinder coat growth and make the coat look dull and flat. Show poms get their coats blown out to give that extra poofy look. If you bathe it yourself, make sure you use an oatmeal shampoo and make sure you give a healthy diet (no puppy chow crap). My pom loves his food as well as his groomer and has a beautifully poofed coat. Your pom is lovely the way he is though.

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Hugo E

Our first pom Louie took about a year and a half to get his adult coat. His half brother Hugo is a year old now and he is a total puff ball but this is not his adult coat(see profile pic). Honestly, some poms take a year and a half or more to get their adult look. Our poms never get any less puffy in the summer, their coats are pretty steady throughout the year.

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Some poms dont get their full adult coat until they are two years or older. It just takes awhile for some dogs. My pom is a year and a half and is just getting thicker. I takes awhile

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