Skippy RIP 2002-2014

JRT is grabbing legs and nipping at my young son around food.

I have a foster JRT that is grabbing peoples legs from time to time. He has drawn blood once (he is with rescue because of this) I have had him here for a month now and he seems to have stopped doing this to everyone but my 5 year old son. He also has nipped when my son has walked near Skippy's food dish. My son does not get in the dogs face when he is eating nor does he touch the food dish. He just has to walk near it. Skippy will also grab my son's leg if he goes past the dog too fast. I am at a loose how to deal with this. We have done crating at meal times and "nothing in life is free" to get him to stop. This worked to get him to stop grabbing at every ones legs but he is still doing it to my 5 year old.

Skippy is up for adoption and we are saying no young children because of this. My son doesn't bother Skippy at all and knows how to behave around this breed as he has been around them most of his life. We really what to stop this so he can get adopted.

Asked by Skippy RIP 2002-2014 on Jul 23rd 2008 Tagged nippingsmallchildren in Dogs & Kids
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