Is My Dog's Behaviour 'Normal'?

My 5 month old German Shepherd mix will "guard" my bed (with me in it) while I'm asleep. He will bark/growl at anyone who enters the area or gets too close for his liking.
When I wake up, he will either lay next to me, on my bed, on the floor next to the bed or in his kennel which is located within three feet of the bed and go to sleep.
He will have accidents in the house if I'm asleep. (There are other people in the house he could notify, but he doesn't)

I was just wondering if this is typical dog behaviour, I've never had/seen a dog that does this.

Asked by Member 1198829 on Nov 11th 2013 in Barking
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NO and YES. I am getting a german shepherd soon and their instinct is to protect. Look at it like this there is the Dog then the breed. What type of DOG are you looking for? Do you want him to be protective? If so then he is doing his job. If not then look into training. Take your dog to socialization classes. Have you looked into the BREED of the German shepherd? They are naturally protective. Since he is mixed what is the breed he is mixed with? Look into the that breed as well.
I hope I helped

Romeo answered on 12/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer