Is my dog just really tired?

I'm sitting for an 8 year old black lab, full of energy. All day long she just wants to play, so I've been playing a LOT with her (fetch in the yard). Even after we play for a long time, she still wants to play more. When we're inside she whines that she wants to play. Today she has been really slow at moving around and climbing the stairs was near impossible and I had to lift her onto the bed to avoid her crying. All of these were so simple for her before. Is she just worn out from all the playing? I don't think she plays much with her usual parents, as they have to go to work. I'm really worried that she will try to go down the stairs and hurt herself. Do you think she just needs to rest and I should take it easy on her for the next couple days? Besides this, she is acting fine and happy and is still begging me to play with her... I don't really understand.

Asked by Member 999718 on Aug 6th 2010 Tagged exercise, play, fetch, lab, slow in Exercise
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It sounds to me like she has been way overexercised without any time to build up to it. An 8 year old lab is considered late middle age and most likely she has arthritis beginning if not already advanced and all that racing around, especially if she is not used to it, is taking a toll on her body.
Imagine if a 60 year old office secretary suddenly started spending all day running and biking and all without any time to build up all those muscles. The joints are going to take a real beating and it sounds like hers have!!!
Keep her quiet and rested... a short walk at a slow pace might help but NO leaping and running and jumping. Hopefully no permanent damage has been done and she will recover fully.
Many labs do not know when to quit on their own and it is up to you as the sitter to make sure she does not over extend herself!!
I would certainly block off those stairs so she doesn't end up falling down them. And, let her rest!!!

Member 641257 answered on 8/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with Alfie. It sounds like if her owners don't play with her (even half as much as you did!) then her body is going to be really hurtin' right now.

I would definitely take it easy with her. Find ways to play that don't involve running like that, and make sure you don't do ANY playing with her until she is not in any pain.

She is a typical lab and wants to play, play, play, despite her obvious pain. But at this point, it can really do some damage to her to keep up the fetch like this.

Give her lots of loving and cuddling as a substitute for the fetching and definitely try to block off the stairs.

Good luck!

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