Introducing a new puppy to old dog pac

Hi Guys,

I wonderder if you can help me. I know nothing about dogs as I have always had cats. I recently bought a property and took over the four elderly dogs as their mommy was moving to a townhouse.
We all got to know each other and everything was great. They even fell in line with the new rules i.e. not on the bed and definately not in the kitchen!
The previous owner is a friend of mine and she suggested I introduce a puppy to the pack which I subsequently did. Besides the nightmare of potty training - pulling my hair out! and after the intitial growls and nips, everyone has settled down except for the brindle staffie cross. He took the longest to accept me and once did was always at my side.
I have tried to not pay the puppy more attention now also follows me wherever I go.
In the begining the Guss (Staffie cross) took the puppy under his wing, however now he doesnt really mind the puppy and will sniff him, he seems to be upset or afraid of me, sleeps outside and I have to find him to feed him.
I have tried to spend quality time alone with him, (he's with me when there is a storm as he's petrified).
I used to leave their pellets out the whole day but cant now because Puppy tries to eat them?
Is it me or the puppy or both?

Would it be cruel for me to put the puppy in the courtyard at night. There is a big kennel and it's closed off and he will have all his toys and bobo to keep him company.
He will be with me during the day as the workshop is on our property.
He's a cross Huskey Alsation and is going to be a big boy and honestly I dont really like dogs in the house and there's acres for him to run in.
The older dogs know no different and so when its only puppy and us and we bring in new brothers and sisters, I would like this to be the arrangement for everyone.

Kind regards


Asked by Member 1140278 on Nov 12th 2012 in Dogs and a Clean Home
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

How long have you had the puppy? How old is the puppy? What kind of shelter is in the court yard? You shouldn't put the pup in a kennel in the court yard if he's going to be in bad weather unless he has shelter. Sometimes an older dog will set boundaries for a pup with growls, grumbles and nips. As long as it doesn't escalate, then it's probably ok. If it escalates, then you have a problem. Good Luck!

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14 answered on 11/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer