I'm thinking of getting a therapy dog but I don't know what to do?

I am hoping to get a rescue dog and then train it to be a therapy dog. I have ADD and have panic attacks when in school and in certain social interactions. I live in Ontario but I would really like a pit bull are the laws still the same if they are a therapy dog? I really need help figuring out how to go about this any help would be great!

Asked by Member 1146362 on Dec 23rd 2012 Tagged therapy, breeds, training in Laws & Legislation
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Hi. First of all, you need to be clear on your terms. A therapy dog has no public access, only special visiting privileges..say to a nursing home, or hospital. An ESA is an emotional service animal, often a pet, who makes his handler "feel better." A PSD..or psychiatric service dog is prescribed by a therapist/psychologist to mitigate a defined disability. You may qualify if your panic attacks are debilitating enough to impact your daily life.
You need to really examine Ontario every province is different.
I suggest you repost this in the main forums in the Service & Therapy Dogs Forum. There are many helpful folk there who can answer all your questions.

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