If i gotta deft boxer that wont shut up what do i do?#2

my boxer is in a very large pen with 8 other dogs they play all day and she still barks none stop at all the three chihuahua's that we have in the pen with her and we dont know how to shut her up but we cant bring the chihuahuas in while every one is either at work or school cause even though there house broke (even when were home) they pee and poop every where and weve had them all there lives and she also like to pick little tuffs with our 4 Rhodesian pits but we cant put them on chains cause we aint got the chain's or the stakes and collars for them (and heck only my Rhodesian pit weres a collar).

Asked by Member 1127832 on Aug 30th 2012 in Barking
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9 dogs in one pen is a disaster waiting to happen, especially with the difference in size.

Deaf dogs need special attention and training with hand signals.

The dog probably won't "shut up" because she lives in a pen all day and is probably extremely under-exercised. Boxers are very high energy dogs that require a lot of exercise.

Also, the chihuahuas are NOT house trained if they "pee and poop everywhere" -- that is the anti-thesis of house trained!

I am sorry but it sounds like there are just way too many dogs, and not enough attention, and inappropriate living quarters. The boxer won't quiet down until her basic exercise and attention needs are met.

Kolbe answered on 8/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer