Well i have been training rain on my own for 2 years since she was 4 months old. She is so well trained that she can be trusted off-leash in most public places, as long as she is by my side, that is. She is sooo sweet, and knows 37 tricks in counting! but then come her sunny disposition with dogs. Just so you know, im being sarcastic. She hates them. You may ask, "Well, why didnt you socialize her?" well, she gets so carsick, that we cant take her anywhere, and im not allowed to walk her very far{shes my moms dog}. She is VERY strong due to her breeds(pit/chow/gsd/cd) and has that tenancy to snap(thanks to the chow). I have trien MANY different training tequniques, and none of them have worked so far. At this point, all i have to say is THANK GOD for the haltee. Well, if any of you have any suggestions, that would help out A TON! so good luck, and best regards!

Asked by Rain on Oct 13th 2012 in Socialization
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