I have a female Westie ,she is 6yrs.we as a family let her out often ,she does not seem to pee outside,she has been peei

peeing on the mats,carpets what can I do to not take her to a shelter?

Asked by Member 1062820 on Oct 11th 2011 in Barking
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1.Maybe you can follow what Jim Carey did in his
"(???)Almighty" movie.Sorry i forgot the title.. He tried to bring out the sofa his dog used to pee outside and train his dog to do pee.First time it will pee on the sofa, the next few time he will pull out the sofa, that the dog actually pee outside.How is it?you can try to bring her favourite mat outside.
2.Or you can try this: clean the carpet,really clean from any odor that the dog can smell.How long you spend in outside with your dog?about 30 minutes my dog would usually pee on her own.Or I'll give command "go pee, come on" + praise while she is peeing,so every time i want her pee,she will do it.And also,dogs,they don't like to pee outside when we just directly after pee take them inside.They would think that the "play outside time is over if they pee".
3.Or....almost simmiliar to number one.Grab a piece of tissue,rub it to mats your dog use to pee,throw it outside where you want your dog pee,take your dog there & wait.

Tinta answered on 10/11/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You can let her out all day long, but if no one is actively teaching her that's where she's supposed to eliminate then she won't get it.

Housetraining link:

Kolbe answered on 10/11/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer