I am severly sleep deprived and need help!! My 4 year old chocolate lab has slept in the basement in a crate with her

aging brother for a few years. Well the brother cannot climb steps anymore so i'm atttempting to move their crates to the middle floor but the lab is not having any part of it. She barks and barks and has major issues with being confined on the middle floor. I don't want her on the top floor with us because she has severe allergies and licks and scratches at night keeping the entire house up. She has broken three gates to get upstairs to stay with us. She would sleep fine down in the basement with her brother and we wouldn't hear a peep out of her. The brother is doing fine on the main floor and no complaints at all from him but the sister is a true freak when left down there. Any help on how to move sleeping areas that she may adapt to?? Any help is appreciated as I'm at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to make this work. She won't stay in the basement by herself either so that's not an option :(

Asked by Member 1137513 on Oct 25th 2012 Tagged movingsleepingarrangements in Separation Anxiety
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If I were you I would resort to a vibrating collar, same as a shock collar without the shock. They have remotes so you control when it vibrates. I would stay in your room and if she barks hit the vibrate button. I would also work with her during the day if you can to not go through the gates. When she gets within about 5 feet of the gate vibrate it so that she wont want to come crashing through it to get upstairs. I hope this helps.

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