How to help a 2 year old lab-mix become more aware of baby?

He is gentle and patient when near her, but now that she's crawling and moving around he doesn't always notice her. He jumped over a baby gate (he has never been sectioned off before, nor does he need to be) and almost hit her. How do I train him to look for her?

Asked by Member 1037554 on Jun 16th 2011 Tagged awareness, baby in Dogs & Kids
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He will look for her if there is something in it for him. Labs are usually very food driven, so use food rewards.
The first thing to teach is the "watch me"
Teach her the baby's name, repeat often.
Teach targeting:
As soon as she gets the basics, put something of your dauther's (Shoe, barrette) anything she can wear all the time for now, in your hand as the target.
Transfer the "target" to your baby, use her name, ask for "touch - baby"
Now try "find" baby, encourage her to lead you to the baby.
The idea is if looking and finding her is always rewarded, she will do so every chance she can. Make sure you reward even the accidental "touch" or "find", say "yes! find baby" and reward.
With lots of positive rewards and redirection she will be on the look out and never run her over again.

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