How much exersize should a puppy get?

I have an 8 1/2 month old female gsd. I was just wondering how long I have to walk her for a day? And how long each walk should be? What else should I do with her besides walks, to get rid of her energy? What kind of job can I give her besides "fetch"?

Asked by Lucy on Feb 4th 2013 Tagged gsd, puppy, walks in Exercise
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I have over 35 years of raising/training GSDs. I have already advised you on walks.
At 9 mos guy got an hour leashed walk at 5:30 AM EVERY day...rain, shine, snow, whatever. During that walk we worked on obedience..loose-leash walking, heel, sit, stay, wait, down. We alternated walking, gentle jogging, & "free time" to sniff, mark, pee, etc. After work he got another hour. This was more off leash hike, beach, dog park. This was geared to socialization. Playing with other dogs & facing new challenges. Or fetch, frisbee, soccer, tennis...
Training & focusing will tire her out just as physical exercise.
Formal training can be done during commercial breaks during a TV show. You would do 22 minutes of training strictly during ads in a one hour show.
A job can be anything you want it to be! Teach nosework..her job is to find a kibble in your shoe. Put a backpack on her..her job is to carry the back pack. Teach a target...then let your mind run wild. Socks in hampers

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