how long do pitbulls have their period and how often

how long does it take a female pit to get her period and how long does it last and how often

Asked by Member 927784 on Dec 6th 2009 in Health & Safety
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SPAY HER!!!!! don't even think about breeding her. we have enough pitbulls in this world and enough of them being euthanized each day. go to your local shelter and look through the dogs, count how many are pitbulls, then that is how at least half of ur dogs litter WILL turn out. we have enough irresponsible people like you. again SPAY ur pitbull!!!

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It is called being in season or heat not a period. Every bitch is different. They could get it from every 4 to 6 months and can last for more than 3 weeks.
I agree 100% with Molly get her spayed. There are way too many pits being put down and the number of states banning them are on the rise. Homes are few and hard to come by. The thought of only 1 from the litter making it till past the age of 2 should concern you.

Kitana answered on 12/6/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Female dogs will have their first heat cycle typically between 6 and 8 months old. The average cycle will last between 2 and 4 weeks, sometimes a little longer. This happen every 5-7 months of their life if left in tact. BTW dogs have heat cycles not periods. The dog's breed does not make any difference.

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The answer is the same as all other breeds of dogs. The breeds of dogs all have the same reproductive cycle and basic anatomy.
The layman's term for canine estrus is "heat". Heat can last up to four weeks, and most dogs typically get it every 6 months. Though it can vary depending upon the individual. I've heard of bitches who go into heat every 8 months, and if memory serves others that go into heat only once a year. I've also heard of dogs who do not follow the three/four weeks rule, or even the general rule that the second week is usually when the bitch is receptive to males. Thus, the best bet is to keep the bitch away from males for the entire four weeks, whether she is bleeding noticeably or not.

The estrus cycle in dogs is *not* the same as the menstrual cycle in humans, as dogs are able to become impregnated by males (even by more than one male) only during their estrus cycle.

My website is an *introduction* to the world of responsible dog breeding:
~Tiffany, breeder-in-training

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It lasts for zero days if you get her spayed.

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i think you people that just flipped out over someone asking a simple question need to get a life if u have nothing helpful then just leave ur comments out.

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Molly and the rest of you anti-pit breeders,
Need to either answer peoples questions or just not post, Pits are in shelters because of what PEOPLE do to/with them.

And if we just spayed every dog the breed would go extinct, which im sure is what you people want.

Spay only if you want to, dont be bullied or strong-armed into spaying if you are wanting to be a responsible breeder and put the effort into learning how to be a responsible breeder.

GUESS WHAT MOLLY i have a 10 mo. old blue pitt named belle, and im not spaying her, in fact im considering making it my mission to bring the nanny dogs back (if you dont know what that is then you shouldnt be anti-pit) and not only am i going to produce loving animals, but im gonna be sure they get a great home, with great people. im not going to adopt them out to sketchy people living in sketchy areas, and im going to keep up on my pups and there will be even more adorable loving child friendly pitbulls in this country.

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