How do you handle social issues with a dog?

We adopted a dog three weeks ago. He is a pit/boxer mix and has some social issues. He is very friendly and playful with my morkie. But when it comes to people he is extremely terrified. He does not come near us, only to feed him and give him treats. If you make any sudden movements he runs off. He will not walk on a leash and he is very hard to handle when we have to get him in the car. Sometimes he growls at me when I try to put his collar on or pick him up. He sometimes has accidents too if he gets scared. I have sat on the floor with him to get on his level and make him more comfortable. Not sure how they treated him before but I don't want to get rid of him or have him get mean and have to put him down... Any suggestions??

Asked by Member 1101911 on Mar 24th 2012 Tagged socialissuesscaredpitboxerfrightgrowling in Socialization
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Its going to take awhile to get him to get used to his surroundings and that you are good people. It sounds like he was abused by the previous owners. Buy some toys, (i wouldnt buy a squeaky toy just yet because it might scare him with the loud noise since he likes treats maybe a treat ball, or a toy that dispenses treats) and treats get to his level like you said and give him some treats while treating him try and pet him on his head.If that doesnt work after awhile show him his toy and what it does and then put it on the should become curious as what it is. I promise...HE will come out of his shell!! You would feel this way if it were you! :)

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