how do u fix a healed broken tail

I have a Blue Pitbull(dont hate on the breed, they are how they are raised) and it is only 15 wks old. He has a broken tail in 4 different places it looks like, it is already healed. but not straight at all, it looks deformed. He got it when he came out his momma. so there wasnt really anything we could do, plus i bought it so also i didnt know when it first happend. Its a $1500 dog so i dont wantit to grow big with a screwed up tail. I have a theory that vets can puthim down re-brake his tail, position it in the correct way and re-heal correctly.? Please get back with real answers. Thank You.

Asked by Member 1081483 on Jan 2nd 2012 Tagged dog, healed, brake in Health & Safety
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When you say 'put him down', I assume you mean, under anaesthetic operate on his tail? 'Put him down' in England usually meants 'put to sleep' eg death. I hope you don't mean that. Anyway, not sure 100%, but don't think tails can be mended. I think the only way would be either to leave it, if vet recommends or have removed. Would definitely get vets advice, or hopefully a vet will answer you question on here. Good luck.:)
PS - Agree it's how they are brought up...NOT the breed :))

Member 1081481 answered on 1/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Frankly, I would leave it alone. IF you have the vet do surgery on it, it will end up frozen at those affected joints anyway so it would still look different and he would be unable to wag it at all.
Lots of times tails end up like that because of the position he is in within his mother. If that is the case, those joints would already be fused and re-breaking them would be really painful and most likely lead to arthritis as he got older.
I am surprised the breeder didn't offer a discount on him with a tail like that. I had a lab born with one like that once and I took 25% off the normal price. That way the new owners got something back if it caused him problems as he got older. It didn't... my loss, their gain.
This pup was actually born like that, it didn't get broken, he came out of the placenta with a bent tail. My vet said it was due to the position he was in within her uterus, he was a bit crowded because it was a large litter. He said it is not an uncommon birth defect.

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What does the cost of the dog have to do with his tail? If it was broken at birth thats a common thing and happens with strays. You seem more fixated on the appearance of the dog rather than on its health. My question would be is it hurting my dog. Likely the answer is no. My Lab that has since passed on broke his tail a few times and the vet said there was little to be done. Its not like a leg bone that you can re-break. Do you have plans to show this dog? If not - does it matter what his tail looks like? If he were a show prospect and this happened at birth you should have gotten a discount or a different dog. Hopefully you're not planning on breeding him. Bottom line is this is obviously bothering you more than it is him... let it be. You'd be hard pressed to find a vet that would put a dog through the dangers of anesthesia just so his tail would look better.

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