How do I stop my dog from peeing and pooing on the deck?

I have tried everything! He sleeps on the deck and is on the deck some of the day! I take him on 2 walks and 1 run a day, he does his thing there. I take him out before bedtime and right in the morning. I have used the spray, [15 min. after that he had a pee and poo.] I am getting more mad everyday! I've tried to change his walking and running time, doesn't help. He just poops and pees everyday on the deck! He is a 16 month old siberian husky. He is neutered! We do not have another dog. There are no dogs near us! I do not know what to do! Can someone help me? We have punished him by taking every toy, bone bed, and treat away from him. I'm soooo angry I want to give him up! Can someone please help me before it's to late?

Asked by Member 657230 on Aug 7th 2008 Tagged peeing, pooing, wont, stop, dontknow in Other Behavior & Training
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catch him in the act, scold him with a brief NO, and lead him out onto the lawn then praise, praise, praise.

or perhaps you can just keep him off the deck with a baby gate?

Member 665358 answered on 8/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Taking your dogs toys and things away is not punishment to him. A dog does not think like that, so he doesn't realize that you are at your wits end here. Does he have any access to the house? Is he not allowed to sleep inside? Do you have a crate for him? Maybe if you don't want him to sleep indoors, you can get a crate to keep him in outside. He will NOT go to the bathroom in the crate - dogs will not go where they sleep. I know it is difficult, but try not to get upset with him. Dogs do not understand when you are mad - it means nothing to them. I honestly think that your best option is to get him a crate. Make sure it is large enough for him, but not too large that he can wander around in it. Give him access to water only - no food - and make sure there is some type of pad on the bottom. Please message me if you need help on crate training - it is something that is VERY beneficial to both you AND your dog - or if you have any other questions - this limits the words here.

Sergeant answered on 8/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Why don't you try to bury his poo in the yard near the deck?
I hear that works well...

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CALM DOWN it is just a deck.. very easy to wash off.. better than your floor inside! I wrote to you yesterday and said that you CAN'T have him unattended on the deck if you don't want him to go there! simple as that. he doesn't know he's not suppose to go there. Keep him in a crate when he's outside or block his access to the deck. The best thing would be to bring him on a leash to a spot that you want him to go EVERY single time. You may try the other suggestion about burrying his poop in the yard.. they usually sniff for where they have gone before. Which is why he is going to continue going on the deck (bc he smells it there) so he absolutely cannot have access to doing it! Don't give up on him.. he could have a LOT worse of issues than this.

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First of all, quit punishing him, and start with some solutions and positive reinforcement for his GOOD behavior.
Your dog is not assuming that the deck is his "den". It is all the same as the yard to him. You need to work on making the deck a "den" for him.

If this were my dog, I would restrict times that he is allowed on the deck until he begins to distinguish that the deck is to be treated as his bed or "den".

When my pups were first allowed outside into the yard with a covered porch available to them, they also pottied on the porch. Then, they began to learn that the porch was their place to rest, play, and snooze....not go potty. The larger the area open to a learning dog or pup, the harder it is for them to distinguish between potty spot and "den".

Make his availability limited to the deck. Only AFTER doing ALL potty in the yard. Then, he can come up onto the deck for his bed, toys, etc. This is going to require that you are VERY consistent.

DON'T give up!

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