How do I get my dogs to stop barking everytime someone comes to the door & then into the house.

How can I my get my chihuahua to stop barking everytime it listens to the door bell or…

Asked by Member 346883 on May 23rd 2010 in Behavior & Training
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Its just a matter of having a dog. He's letting you know that someone is at the door. If its disturbing to you, you'll have to train him. He'll need to learn three commands: Sit, Stay and Quiet.

Teaching sit and stay are often easy. Step towards your dog with a treat, and he will eventually sit down on his bottom. He will need to do a reliable stay, so have him sit, then take a few step backwards with your hand out and say stay. Correct him by having him sit again, then saying the stay command again.

When your dog is barking, give him a hand signal to interpret the Quiet command that is easy for him to see. Don't yell, but give the command and say "Quiet".

When someone comes to the door, don't open it until he is quiet, sitting and staying.

If its okay with the guest, your dog can greet them but keep things calm. After good behavior, make sure you praise the dog as well.

You'll want someone to practice with by ringing the doorbell so you can have him do the commmands

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