How can i tell if dog is goin to have puppys? and how many week will she carry them?

How many week does a dog carry her puppys? And how can u tell if she is going to have puppys?

Asked by Member 977523 on Mar 26th 2010 in Puppies
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You can tell by going to the vet and seeing if she is or isn't pregnant.

It scares me that you may have a pregnant dog and yet know nothing about the basics of canine gestation.

Ask your vet if there are health risks involved in her particular pregnancy and if there's a possibility of a spay/abortion at this point.

If you plan to care for newborn puppies, you'll have to get a crash course education in maternal and newborn dog health from your vet.

And I hope you plan to find good homes for each of the puppies should you choose to have her have them. There are far too many dogs who end up neglected and in shelters or dead because people are too irresponsible to neuter and spay their dogs.

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spay your dog immediately afterwards.

Dieta answered on 3/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

molly ann everett

with my dog who just had puppies i knew she was pregnant at 4 weeks just by feeling of her stomach, it feels like a turd literally, but it is safe for you to go to the vet..She will carry about 63-68 days the max...if you plan on keeping your puppies make sure you ask your vet about taking care of puppies you can also go to the internet and library to find out information....

molly ann everett answered on 3/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


/a dog is pregnant 63 days on average. And as for going to a vet a vet cant always tell unless you want to spend 500 on an ultrasound. But first the dog will start to get wider she wont have a belly yet jsut seem wider around the 2nd week and be more tierd and may not be as hungry the first few days she will chnge her personality she may become verry affectionate not wnating to leave your side or she can become total opposite of not wanting to be botherd her mamitory glands will start to develop and they will get larger as the pregnancy progreses and she will start shedding the hair around her nipples her belly will get hard and round you may or may not see the pups moveing depending on the breed of the dog before welping her temp will drop and she may leak milk and have a clear discharge. Make sure you get an emargency number form the vet incase any problems arise during wlping and get info of what to expect and to know when something is going wrong. Good luck with everything.

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