How can I get rid of giardia on my 14 week old mini schanuzer?

My husband bought my mini schnauzer from a pet store at a mall on December 2012 and by the second day we brought her home she got really sick. She wouldnt eat and her stools were very very watery and vomiting started as well. I took her to the vet that the pet store told us to take her for a wellness check up and she tested positive for giardia. She was put on Metronidazole for 2 weeks and by the second day of treatment she was back to her normal self running around being wild. The vet called me to ask some questions and I told him her stools to me seemed normal. All he said was to continue with the medication and it should take care of the problem.I took her to another vet so they tested her stool and she tested positive AGAIN for giardia!I have read horror stories aboout this parasite. Anyone have any suggestions on how i can get rid of it. I have small children and dont want them to get it since it can get on humans as well. How many treatments do they usually need?

Asked by Member 1152897 on Jan 31st 2013 Tagged giardia, treatments, puppy, parasites in Puppies
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I'm a little concerned, why you thought to take your Dog to another Vet. You should really stick with one (you trust) follow his advice and medication prescription TO THE LETTER, then, follow up with tests to determine conclusions. A difference in the type of test done, or the second Vet's "attitude or lack of business", may be an issue.

DO NOT allow the Dog to lick/kiss you ANYWHERE during the infection. Even on your hands (via a small abrasion or cut) could cause YOU to be infected as well. Wash your hands after handling the Dog EVERY TIME until this problem has been totally resolved. Giardia can be lethal.

SNEAKERS answered on 1/31/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Giardia can take months to completely erradicate!!! Also, make sure the contamination is not coming from your home environment. Bummer about the pup, I bet you paid a mint.... next time adopt from a rescue. (And I agree with the previous answer... find ONE vet you trust and don't hop around)

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