How can I encourage my seven-year-old male Silky Terrier to get along with other dogs?

I am looking to adopt a second dog and my current Silky (Tango / Boo) is not cooperating.

He had a Golden Retriever brother (Cash) who unfortunately had to be put to sleep last September. Cash was 4+ years old when we adopted Tango as a puppy, so they bonded right away and we never had a problem with them. Tango also puts up with Raylie, my brother's Border Collie mix - but he is very jealous, mouthy and anxious when she's here.

When he sees dogs on the street or whatnot, even if we're fairly far from our house, he barks and acts aggressively towards them.

I have started training him (using Victoria Stillwell's methods - check them out, they're great) as my parents aren't very dedicated to it (although they adore him) and he's doing great, but we can't make any leeway with the dog thing.

I really want to adopt a second dog but I need Tango to be on board. Short of taking him to therapy (ha), how can I encourage him to like other dogs?

Asked by Tango on Jun 14th 2013 Tagged silkyterrier, yorkshireterrier, silky, yorkie, terrier, aggression, dogaggression, anxiety, seconddog, adoption, training, behaviour in Socialization
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Pineapple Smushface

There is a website called datemypet.com where you can make play dates with other dogs in your area. Find dogs that are the same size, and then see if the problem lies with males or females. Take him to the dog park and see how he reacts. Your best bet in adopting is to find a pup of the opposite sex who is YOUNG that he can adopt and then love like a parent. Shelters will let you do this, but you sound young in living at home. Who is going to keep this new dog if you move out, who pays for all of the vet bills and medications, and what if the dog bonds and then you move out? Get a handle on all that before you proceed... think about the dog's well-being first.

Pineapple Smushface answered on 2/9/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer