House training not working!

Ive had my chiweenie for 2 months. He is now 5 months old. We started crate training on day 1 and hes doing ok with that. I work 8-5 but I get to come home for lunch and let him out. 2 out of 5 days a week I'll come home to a wet crate. Sometimes Ill wake up to a wet crate. Ive scheduled his feedings and water intake, & pick up the water dish 2 hrs before bedtime. I take him out about every hour & I take him to the same potty spot. I dont scold him when I catch him in the act, I startle him to get his attention then scoop him up and take him out. I live on the 3rd floor though so I cant get him to his spot as fast as Id like. I praise and give him a treat when he goes. Hes easily learning commands so no mental issues. Theres no health issues, Ive already had him checked out. He's rarely out of my sight and he'll go right in front of me. I got a bell for the door 2 weeks ago and I lift his paw and make him ring it before outside. I use ammonia free cleaner. What else do i need to do?!?

Asked by Member 1124541 on Aug 7th 2012 Tagged chiweenie, housetraining, puppy in Housebreaking
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Maggie Mae

For once, I am stumped. Try a smaller crate and continue to crate train him. Does he give no signs of sniffing before he goes? Is he lifting his leg yet? On your next day off, take the FULL day with you tethered to him keep your regular feeding, walking, potty schedule. See what his cues are. If you do not see any yourself, call your local behaviorist to see if they can see and give you new ideas. Good Luck.

Maggie Mae answered on 8/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


One of the best things I can reccomend is walking him further. They sometimes need to pee more than once and like to pee outside and say this is Mine! Don't get discouraged, chiweenies can be remarkably stubborn, Remy didn't stop having accidents till we started taking him one one long walk morning and evening. Since then No accidents at all! Yay for Remy!

Remy answered on 8/9/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer