Heaving breathing

My puppy pitbull is 13 weeks old. I received him 2 days ago and today I took him to get his first ever worm shot. I know I know not good, but it wasn't on me. He's not showing any symtoms of what I've read about. He is breathing excessivly, mainly while he's sleeping, and he's been doing quite a bit today. My guts telling me its the vaccine killing the worms and its just a tummy ache. Someone please help!

Asked by Member 1062132 on Oct 8th 2011 Tagged worms, puppy in Worms & Parasites
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I haven't heard of a worm shot? usually this is an oral liquid the vet's give.
If he received a vaccine that might not be a worm shot. check with your vet again. tell them the dog is sick right away.
We aren't a vet and this could be serious. Or the puppy was sick when you purchased him.
I would seperate the puppy from any other dogs in the house. If he is heavy breathing it could be a sign of a respirtory condition which is air borne and can be spread from dog to dog fairly quickly. that's just a guess. get him to the vets immediately. A dog can have a reaction to vaccines. make sure your vet is giving the appropriate vaccines and dosages. go over details with him. good luck

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