Heartbroken and need help with quality of life question!

Our 15 year old Border Collie, Mick, got vestibular disease Monday. We thought he had a stroke. But we quickly figured it out with Google. We are on day 5. We carry him outside, to do his business. He has peed Monday afternoon, not at all Tuesday, Wednesday twice and pooped once, Thursday peed twice, and as of now he hasnt done anything today. He has eaten a total of 1.75 cans of food, we used the turkey baster to get water in him, but he drank from his water bowl twice yesterday. His eyes have quit moving, and his head tilt isn't bad. He can't manage to get up himself, and 99% of the time he just lays in the family room.

Dillemma: He is 15, he has no cartilage between his joints, has arthritis. Because of his age his come back from vestibular disease may be very slow (weeks). When I look him in the eyes he just looks old and tired. Do we put him through this recovery process (where he feela like he just got off a spinny ride), and if so what kind of quality of life is left. :'(

Asked by Member 1151897 on Jan 25th 2013 Tagged vestibulardisease, qualityoflife, health, bordercollie, aging in Health & Wellness
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Hugs to you. My last old guy got CVS when he was about 14. He had just finished recovering from a cruciate operation. He was able to recover from the cvs..but not all the way. He had a head tilt & a stilted gait for the rest of his life. It is a tough decision. I struggled with the same questions you have. He still wagged his tail & was able to go outside on his own. He still loved his walks..even if it was just 2 houses down & back. He had that spark in his eyes that told me he wasn't done yet. When the spark dimmed & he no longer was able to go for any walkies, I knew it was time. He made it to just about 16.
I wish you luck & trust your heart for this decision.

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You don't mention if you took him to the vet or not... like Wiley, my 14 year old got CVD and my vet put her on steroids. It DID help, at least made her feel better and she started eating again. Like Wiley, she did not come back 100%, she still had a head tilt, but lived another two years of good life before heart disease finally took her from me.

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I dont know much about this disease but I was wondering the same as Toto, you did not mention if you took him to the vet or not?
If not I would certainly get him in and at the very least see what your vet has to say and hopefully get him on the road to recovery.
If you have seen the vet then I suppose go from there, but if he has a fighting chance, I would give him that fighting chance!!
Good Luck and my heart is with you also

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I am currently going through a similar situation with my 13 year old retriever. She was diagnosed with vestibular disease last August. It lasted 3 days-I can't remember the medicine the vet gave her that helped her start eating again. She also has no cartilidge between her joints and I have been giving her PREVICOX since August which helps a lot but she still has trouble getting up and down. On top of this she also has hypothyroidism which is controlled by ThyroTabs. Life with my aged dog is day by day, but at this point she is still going outside and eating on a regular basis. I am not a vet but five days of the symptoms that you describe would compel me to take Mick to a vet immediately. I believe that a vet will steer you to the path you should follow. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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