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We have had our male cockapoo, Maxwell Smart, for a week and a half. He is nine weeks old. He was on some crappy food that I can't remember the name of when we brought him home, and my vet recommended Royal Canin. Now that I am doing more research of my own, I have realize that Royal Canin is not a good food and so I went and bought Nature's Harvest for puppies and it looks a lot healthier, but it still has ingredients that are considered "bad" from what I've read, such as rice, beet-pulp and tomato pomace. The first ingredient is chicken meal, followed by brown rice, chicken, barley, and chicken fat preserved with mixed tocopherols...I want to make sure Max is getting the best there is. Is Nature's Harvest any good? How can I convince my hubby Max needs a good quality food? I have heard great things about Taste of the Wild. Any advice?

Asked by Member 984971 on May 3rd 2010 Tagged food, healthy, nocorn, nobyproducts in Pet Food
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I agree with the above posts. So many foods claim alot of healthy ingrediants, but its the ones you don't know about is what is not so good.

I personally prepare my dogs food at home. I can find good quality human grade meat, cheaper than a super premium brand dog food. With 4 large dogs, (well one thinks she is large) it could be very expensive to feed them premium brands. So I shop my local market on sale dates.

My vet is very impressed with my 9 year old, he has good overall heath, teeth/breath and coat, and all my dogs do very well on the home prepared food.

Doing it this way, allows me to control the ingrediants and do without all the additives and "fillers" and best of all, my dogs get to eat things they naturally LOVE to eat, instead of having to eat something they just learn to like because they have no choice.

Feel free to pawmail me for recipes and ideas. It is much easier than you might think.

Good luck, and your Max looks quite "smart" :o) Very handsome

Hector answered on May 3rd.

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dogfoods are pretty much like that. You have all the chemicals. Some have heavy grains.
Rice are fillers and in the blood stream turn to sugars.
If by law they have just less then 30% fillers like rice then they can list the protein(chicken ect) first even though the bag does not have the main meat ingredient. Makes perfect sense because how could companies afford to have meats as main ingredients or have great meats in them , they couldn't afford to put good parts in bags like chicken breasts.
They put in meat by products like heads, feathers, feet, guts ect... It is like slimy glop then they cook it then bake it again.
It is up to you good luck with your decisions. It is complicated with bagged foods.

Dieta answered on 5/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Here is the definitation of Chicken meal, from wiki: Chicken meal, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), is the dry rendered product from a combination of clean chicken flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from whole carcasses of chicken, exclusive of feathers, heads, feet and entrails.
Notice it says exclusive of heads, feet, feathers, and entrails. This is the same for any meat meal, escept they must contain only the species described.. Lamb meal must be only lamb, etc. Meal is used since meal contains a much higher level of protein than meat alone, thereby making a product that contains more protein derived from meat. While some dog foods do use artifical dyes and preservatives, not all do use them... there are plenty of well made, nutritious dog kibbles available. I personally use a rotation of Wellness Core, Merricks Before Grain, and Blue Buffalo. My dogs do very well on them and are healthy and happy with great coats

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Don't let your husband see or even He will discover that whatever the puppy started on likely was a good as anything else. Or at least all the research you have been doing is based on speculation with nothing to relate good and bad ingredients to the health of dogs eating the food. None!

I have searched and searched and never found much relating how dogs fare on different diets. I am sure you never saw the first reference to a controlled study in any of your research. Most of what you find comes from people who don't believe in controlled testing. I do know several service dogs schools have fed different diets and the dog they spend fortunes on training are eating low rated foods with ''bad ingredients.

If Max is on Nature's Harvest and doing well on it, don't let a lot of hype and junk science lead to another change.

It is like Aristotle and Galileo. Aristotle though about it, and declared heavier objects fall faster then light ones. For most of the next 2000 years, educated people knew that. Then at the dawn of modern science, Galileo lugged the large and small balls up the the tower of Pisa, and dropped them off. They hadn't read Aristotle, and both hit the ground at the same time. I am afraid the dog world is full of thinkers. Most of my answers are based on my own results trying what I have been taught by the best there is.

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Do not feed Royal Canin, it is a horrible brand to feed. Taste of The Wild is okay dog food. I don't feed Taste of The Wild. I feed mostly Orijen. Orijen is a good, clean dog food.

What's REALLY in pet food?:

Let your husband read this article, please read it. It is long, but it is worth reading.

A lot of vets recommend horrible pet foods. This is why pets are getting so fat and having so many medical issues because they're on bad pet food. Dogs don't need artifical flavorings, colors, corn, rice, etc. These bad ingredients don't benefit anything. Bad pet food is the 1# leading cause to medical issues.

Orijen site:

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When I brought my dog home from the breeder, he was eating Royal Canin. I didn't realize how unhealthy it was, and I am glad that he is eating something else today. Right now I am feeding both him and our other dog (who was also on Royal Canin) Instinct Chicken Formula. It's a great dog food, and can be fed to puppies as well. Here is the link:

We also feed our dog Wellness brand treats, and just recently found out they made dog/puppy food. There are great ingredients in the treats, so we asume that it would be the same for the food. You should probably check to make sure though!

I have also heard good things about Blue Buffalo dog food.

Do NOT feed foods like Kibbles N' Bits, Science Diet, Purina, Iams, and commercial dog foods. These have by products, and other unhealthy ingredients.

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