Food Allergies or something else?

Lab/Boxer/Pit Mix Male 2years, old Fixed
4 weeks 4 days old-vomits and diarrhea
8 months old-green bile vomit at least 2-3 times a week/ vet said acid reflex, treatment: Pepcid AC, or Pepto, became very aggressive towards people, had him fixed
1 year old: still vomits, sometimes food, but mostly green bile, red eyes, rash on stomach, more aggressive. Vet treatment, special shampoo
1 1/2: Vomits still, now mucus diarrhea, blood in stool- Vet treatment: swollen abdomen, steroid shot, fecal sample, no parasites, benadryl vet says; food allergies. Switched food, still same problem, has flare ups here and there.
New symptoms within the last 3 months: weight loss, excessive drinking, gulping/swallowing, and licking lips a lot( sounds like he has cotton mouth), forgetting people he knows. I think it's more than just food allergies. If any one knows or has dealt with any of these symptoms, please give me some feed back. Thank You.

Asked by Mojo on Jan 15th 2014 in Illness & Disease
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