Diet for my two pit pups

I just got two 14 week old American pitbull puppies. I've been doing my research on diets. In the past, I fed my rotty taste of wild. I did try converting him to real food but he did not tolerate it very well and he did excellent on taste of wild. I don't want to feed my new babies kibble. I also want to be realistic.. I doubt I will be able to keep up with cooking for them. I have my reservations about feeding raw, and again, doubt I will be able to keep up.
I was thinking mixing quality canned commercial food and cottage cheese and/or raw cow's or goats milk with some bits and pieces of chopped veggies and berries in. Maybe throwing in the occasional protein product (eggs, chicken, etc.) would this be a healthy alternative?
The breeder fed grain-free kibble mixed with raw chicken, cottage cheese and goats milk for snacking.

Asked by Member 1151665 on Jan 24th 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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- Chopped veggies and berries will not do much good nutritionally except drain your wallet. If you want the dogs to be able to derive some form of nutrition from these items they need to be pureed into a slurry, in other words pre-broken down.

- Not sure the purpose of the cottage cheese? Canned food is typically "complete" and should already contain adequate calcium.

I would concentrate more on adding fresh meat and eggs above items that may or may not be beneficial.

If you are not prepared to do something like a balanced raw diet perhaps you could simply offer an occasional raw meaty bone for dental health, and to add fresh meat. Really any fresh, non-processed proteins that you can add to the diet will help. Some is better than none.

Lastly I don't know what your monthly budget is, but feeding a diet of mostly canned food to two medium-to-large dogs (depending on their genetics) can become very costly very fast.

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Raw is actually pretty easy to prepare and it doesn't take as much time as you think it might. Go to the Dogster Raw Food Diet Forum to learn more about feeding a raw food diet -

There's nothing wrong with feeding a grain free kibble.

Fromm is a great kibble to feed, learn more about Fromm at

Most of the Fromm foods are grain free which is a plus for any dog. Fromm is one of the best kibbles that you can feed to a dog. There's many different formulas to choose from which makes it easy to choose the perfect one the feed to your dog.

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