cruciate ligament

I have a 2 yr old Akita who has just been diagnosed with tearing her cruciate ligament (knee). She's on anti inflammatory for a week. If there's no sign of recovery, surgery will be needed. Has anyone had this surgery done on their large dog? I have researched online and the prognosis looks good, however people I have spoke to that went thru it say their dogs didn't heal. So do I just let her be and let the scare tissue heal it? The vet said it will probably happen to the other side too. I love my pooch more that life itself, but am torn financially. $2000 min a knee... I don't know what to do!!! Please, I need advice!

Asked by Member 1105806 on Apr 14th 2012 Tagged cruciateligament, knee, akita in Other Health & Wellness
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It sounds like there is not much to do. You probably could get some off the counter medication that will help her joints. You could also get her in water therapy that could help her muscles in her knees get stronger. (i would just ask your vet on alot of these things.) most vets try and help you decide what is the cheapest. but i would also tell him you want the best as well.

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Aug/09: Large (not fat) Rottweiler tore right cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) when 4 1/2 yrs old. I was told surgery was inevitable. Dog required strict rest for 6 weeks, SHORT leash walks only; NO running, jumping; minimal stairs.
I took a few weeks to research various remedies: TPLO, extracapsular fixation, rest with NSAID's. Three wks of rest didn't heal knee and left knee had added load. Concluded TPLO was path I would have to take. Aug 29/09 immediately after surgery seemed difficult - something I could confirm when left leg had a TPLO Sep 29/10.
I tried to follow the rehab protocol.
Follow-up x-rays 6 wks later were okay.
May/10: Dog's leg alignment didn't look right when walking. Had him assessed. Things seemed to stabilize & I postponed TPLO until Sep 29/10 when both legs failed: Aug/09 op did not prevent right meniscus from tearing. Post op Sep/10 I made charts and was rigorous about ice packs,drugs, etc. We walk everyday. He goes for miles. Still loads left leg.

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My 2 year old Lab/Beagle mix also tore her ACL last summer. When I took her to the surgeon he told me that her knee wasn't why she was limping and that her hips were causing her pain. I'm not suggesting that this is what is happening with your dog, just giving you some background. The vet said that surgery wasn't needed right away so I worked on finding her a good non-surgical treatment plan. The vitamins I finally ended up with have been a MIRACLE. I give her Glucosamine Chondroiten (human brand) and just mix the powder up in her breakfast (she gets wet food in the AM). Also I have discovered a hollistic medicine called Arthro Ionx. She has been on this for almost 2 months and the difference in her is astounding. She is so happy and other than being stiff after laying around for a bit, she is like a puppy again. Normally I wouldn't be suggesting medicines, but I'm simply overjoyed at how well this has worked. I too love my doggie more than anything. Good luck with your fur baby

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