Chewing up his bed in his crate!

My dog sleeps in his crate. I just got him a new bed to go in his crate because he chewed up his blanket that was in there. Why is he chewing up his new, comfy bed? How can I stop him from doing this?

Asked by Caspian on Feb 27th 2013 in Chewing
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I have Labrador retrievers and there is no way, no how I would give a 10 month old lab a comfy, nice bed in his crate. They get old, holey towels and cut up blankets until they have matured to the point of no longer chewing up their bedding, usually around 2 or sometimes even older.
Quincy is actually the first one I have ever
had that doesn't chew up stuff, but he still drags it all around the house and even the yard when given the chance. He has new beds and he will get them when he is MUCH older.

Member 641257 answered on 2/27/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Some dogs I understand do that. However, it sounds like he's bored in his crate. Be sure he's tired and has had enough exercise. Try putting his favorite chew toy in the crate. Cut down the time he may be staying in the crate. Is crating him causing anxiety he can not handle. Although I used a Pen for Patches, I set up a bed, a box full of chews and toys, and I rigged the pen w/ all kinds of stretchy things he could tug on. I also played w/ him in there as well. When I opened up the pen Patches would go flying in there, it became his "Happy" & "Safe" place to be. He would spend most of his time in there playing & sleeping. He would come and get me to open it up so he could go in. You need to make your dog's crate his "Happy" place. He should feel safe and comfortable in his crate, otherwise he may act out. Try revisiting Crate Training:

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