chewing cords horribly! Help!

My 6 month old lab has recently been chewing through cords. He chewed thru 5 cords last night and WILL NOT stop. My boyfriend may get rid of him if we cant control it but there must be some way to stop it? He isnt crate trained (perhaps we should start??!), and he doesnt even like his toys (any special toys that may help?!). He does not listen well and knows hes doing something wrong but doesn't seem to care. Please help so we dont have to get rid of him!

Asked by Member 1096931 on Mar 3rd 2012 Tagged toys, cords, crate in Behavior & Training
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a 6 month old lab is a puppy! The first things you should do when introducing a puppy to your home is keeping them on a leash and giving them a tour of the house first, supervised and controlled. Also crates are your best friends. Crate training is VERY important, its the best place for your puppy, never use it for punishment! And if the puppys tummy can handle it, buy it a puppy KONG toy and stuff it with small treats or even peanut butter I assure you they'll be more interested in chewing that then your cords. Its important to understand they are puppies they dont know any better which is why its up to YOU to teach them. Kneel down to a puppys level and look around, see what they can see and youll see all kinds of chewable items they can get their little teeth in to. Freeze the puppy KONGs stuffed with peanut butter in the freezer then take it out and give to your puppy so she can chew aaaaallll they want. Its important to be PATIENT. ITs a puppy! Dont get rid of him for being one!

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This is why there are so many animals in shelters. People get pets without be informed about their breed or pups in general. a 6 mth old is a barely out of being a baby & is a juvenile. They dont know they're doing something wrong. Chances are you or the BF are yelling & he is reacting out of fear rather than knowing whats going on. Labs are chewers well into adulthood and its up to you to train him. The last poster is correct in her advice. Try bully sticks,they last a long time. Crate training is almost a necessity in your case. When you cant have an eye on the pup, they should either be in the crate or tethered to you. Would you let a 2 year old toddler wander the house unsupervised? Get to a puppy class and learn basic obedience as well. While you are doing that there are also products you can place on items you dont want chewed on. Things like a bitter apple spray may help. Never worked with my labs, but I know people that have had success. Increase YOUR knowledge before giving up

Bella answered on 3/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

NTD Chance *Adopted!*

All of the advice given above is excellent by the way!!

I would recommend putting him in a crate when you can't watch him. You should also go out to Target or Petsmart and buy some bones and different chew toys. You can also try giving him a cong ball when he is in his crate so he doesn't get bored.Whenever he tries to chew on something he shouldn't, just give him one of his toys. Also, make sure he is getting plenty of exercise!! If you have any more questions, ask them on the forum. I'm pretty sure we can only answer once on here. Good luck!

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Get white electrical tape and tape all your cords to your baseboards. Completely cover the cords. They will blend in with you baseboards that way too.

Like everyone else said- a crate is your best friend. When you leave put him in it, when you shower put him in it, whenever you can not keep him in eyesight put him in it!

Also use baby gates, our 4 month old is only allowed in the living room to roam until he earns the rest of the house.

He is a puppy, he doesn't have the attention span to listen well yet.

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Bruno CGC

Well, I don't think the best solution is to just buy a crate and throw him in it. That's the way to teach a dog to hate crates. If you go that route, read up on crate-training exercises to make it less traumatic.

Have you considered an exercise pen, or baby gates for confinement instead? Less restrictive, more flexible.

You can pick up all the cords and tape them to the walls and floors with electrical tape (so he can't get at them). You can also try spraying them with Bitter apple or hot pepper to make them taste yucky.

He is also at a good age for a beginning obedience class. It will help him and you develop better communication, hence a better dog!

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