Can anyone confirm my dogs breed?

In my personal opinion, she is an APBT mixed with Boxer. Her tail had already been cut when we found her at 5 weeks of age :/ I KNOW she has pittie in her (I've owned them before) but there are some white spots on her chest, her stance is different, and I feel like she's slightly altered in the face...plus she does that thing I've noticed is common in boxers where they lift one front leg when they notice/are "pointing" at something.
Anyone got any advice/know how to tell based on details you notice? Thanks!

Asked by Jayde on Nov 16th 2012 Tagged pitbullboxer, whatbreed in Breeds
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Yes, you are right. She does seem to have pittie features. Have you asked the breeder what kind she is? If she is mix or pure? She may be just a pitbull, but, she might be pittie/boxer. That is my guess.

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