Can a 15 year old male Shih Tzu get an 8 month old Shorkie pregnant? I pray he can't!

I was told by my vet to wait until my little Shorkie was a year old to get her fixed. I never got my male ShihTzu neutered, because I didn't know how important it was if you don't want to breed your dog.
This is my Shorkie's first cycle and I have been trying to keep my Shih Tzu and Shorkie separated, but I just caught them. It was only for a minute. I'm worried that she is way to young to get pregnant. I'm afraid if she is pregnant it will hurt her. Can a 15 year old male produce enough sperm to do this? If she is not pregnant is 8 months to you to get fixed? Thank You!!!!

Asked by Member 820445 on Sep 17th 2009 in Pregnancy
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He can definitely impregnate her, but if it was really only for a minute, likely he hadn't penetrated her yet. Were they tied when you caught them? The term "tied" refers to the period of mating when the male's penis is swollen so that it "ties" him to the female for 5 minutes to an hour. The tie is the period when fertilization is most likely to happen. She can get pregnant without a tie taking place, however.
You can have the vet do an emergency spay, but he'll charge more since she's in heat. Dogs get speutered as young as 8 weeks these days...which I don't agree with, but the practice is mostly done by shelters and rescue groups. Talk to your vet about what to do.

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Call your vet right away. I have heard of a “mismate shot” I don’t know if this is still available but your vet can tell you what if anything can be done. Please neuter your next male dog, it is very important and will make him a healthier/happier pet. You pup is too young to be a mother. She will stop growing and her pups will start. She will also be at risk for complications during her pregnancy and whelping. Your vet can help you take care of this situation.

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Pamela       -    Adopted!!!!

Good advise so far. The Vet gave you some lousy advise though, knowing you have an un nuetered male at home!
Puppies can safely be spay or neutered at 6 months which is before the first heat. Any Vet that says he won't do it better be prepared to provide other services if there is an "oops" like this one.
Be firm with your Vet, this is his fault and very irresponsible of him/her.
Make an appointment with the vet to take care of the puppy so she does not have puppies of her own. If your Vet says no, go elsewhere.

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Yes he can get her pregnant & probably has & you are very right in your concern for her!...Take her in for a spay/abort a.s.a.p.!

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