Best food for a ShihTzu

I have a Shih Tzu and with all the dog foods out there how do I figure out which is best without spending big bucks and trying one after another? I already know not to have meat byproducts or corn as an ingredient.

Asked by Member 1028139 on Apr 26th 2011 Tagged shihtzu, gooddogfood, rawdiet in Other
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I feed my dogs Iams they are doing great on it coats are nice and shiny my vet says there in great heath.

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Orijen & Acana are top of the line, but also are quite pricey. Taste of the Wild, & Wellness would round out my top 3 picks.I would add Cannidae & EVO for top 5. Look for meat as the top ingredients, meat meal is also good. Grain free is a good choice. No ethoxyquin (used as a preservative for fish...carcinogen) No BHA or BHT or synthetic vitamin K (menadione) No artificial colors/dyes, sugar

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Purina, for example uses horrible ingredients in their food. They use the cheapest ingredients in their foods. The first ingredient should always be meat, real meat. The first ingredient in Purina Beneful (for example) is ground yellow corn. You are better off feeding a better dog food. Take a close look at the ingredients - corn, whole wheat flour, animal fat, soy, water, rice flour, pearled barley, sugar, menadione, etc., let's just say that this food is one of the worst you can feed. Purina is exactly like feeding your dog a whole bottle of syrup and greasy McDonald's for every meal, except worse.

Check out these sites to learn more about dog food -

What's REALLY in pet food? -

Dog foods I highly recommend -

Solid Gold
Primal Pet Foods
Organix Dog Food
Holistic Selects
Honest Kitchen
Timberwolf Organics

Dog food companies such as Pedigree, Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, Bil Jac, Ol' Roy, Kibbles N' Bits, Royal Canine, Science Diet, etc., don't care what goes into their dog food. They use the lowest quality of ingredients in their pet food.

I feed Orijen to my dogs sometimes. I feed a Prey Model Raw Diet to my dogs and they do great on it, I've seen great results. I've never had a problem with Orijen, it's the best food for dogs and cats out there. Feeding a raw or a home cooked diet is also a great thing to do for your pet. Feed the best food to your pet. Here's the Dogster Raw Food Diet Forum and Home Prepared Foods and Recipes Forum -

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I have tryed the new grain free food made by Nutro that has doen wonders for my small dog with allergies.

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