Australian Cattle Dog Bowel issues.

Hi there,
I have a 13 month old cattle dog who seems to have a chronic intermittent diarrhea. He has had issues so much I think my vet thinks I am crazy. This last bout had him so lethargic and not eating which is very abnormal for him even when having diarrhea. I took him to the emergency vet convinced it was a bowel obstruction. Long story short I was wondering if anyone had these problems with their cattle dogs. I rescued a 2 yr old ACD once and was told his owners gave him up because they couldn't afford to treat a diarrhea problem. So it makes me wonder if this is a problem experienced in youth for the breed. Any thoughts?

Asked by Thor on Dec 3rd 2012 in Health & Wellness
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My guy is also wound tight (ACDs are not mellow fellows, i know) & also has suffered from diarrhea his whole life. What really helped with my guy was adding a pro-biotic enzyme compound, called Prozyme, to his food. You sprinkle the appropriate amount on his kibble, dampen it, & let it sit for about half an hour. The enzymes *eat the kibble, & your dog eats the enzymes..thus getting kibble that is already pre-digested. Hope that makes sense. lol
I noticed almost immediate improvement in his stools. Poops like a champion now.
Some folks will recommend yogurt or cooked pumpkin, which do work for a one-off bout of diarrhea, but for a chronic issue do not do the trick.

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