At what age do you stop feeding puppy food to your dog?

luke is 91 lbs now still lean and mean queensland heeler and lab im told from the pound where I found him. he is comming on 11 mo old now. when is a pup not a pup. and everyone talks about good quality food. Im feeding him purina puppy chow and every couple days canned peddagree

Asked by Luke on Apr 22nd 2008 in Food & Nutrition
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Dogs should stay on puppy food until 12 months. Generally good quality food is going to yield nice, firm (but not hard) stool and should not have corn products in the main ingredients. You usually want to avoid the phrase "animal by-product" on dog food too because that means any type of meat and any part of the animal is being used in the food.

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Bobby (Bob Dylan)

Most dogs-as long as they are gaining enough weight-can transition over to adult dog food when they turn 1 year old. It is easier on their digestive system to start mixing the adult food with their puppy food to get them used to it. I transitioned my pup for about 7 -10 days then by the 10th day he was just eating the adult food. But I would check with your vet before changing his food-just to make sure.

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The majority of veterinary colleges and large breed dog breeders recommend that a large breed dog should never be fed a puppy formula food, but should instead be raised on an adult formula food.

The reasoning behind this is that the extra nutrients in puppy food can actually cause your puppy to grow faster than his developing bones and joints can handle. In large breed dogs, this very commonly leads to pano, a painful condition that shows up usually between 5 and 12 months of age.

Large breed dogs who are fed puppy chow show a much higher rate of pano than dogs who are fed adult food from the beginning.

I would make the switch to adult food immediately.

Purina and Pedigree are both low-quality, commercial kibbles. You can learn more about what constitutes quality foods at and

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