at what age can you train a dog to safely jump through hoops

i have wanted a puppy for a really long time and i thought i wouldnt get one untill i moved out of my families house but i guess we are getting one sooner(its an australian cattle dogand we get it in like 3 weeks) and i am super excited but i have one question.I would like to train it agility and to jump through hoops and i wanted to know at what age can i safly train my dog to jump?(cause i heard to wait until the dog is an adult to train this)
please help

Asked by molly on Aug 18th 2010 Tagged training in Agility & Sports
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You can set the ring on the ground and start as a puppy of less then 10 weeks. But jumping as they mature is a slow process if the object is not on the ground such as a hoop.
I start jumping pups at chest level only. Only a handful of times. By the age of 18 months is the times that I jump more then chest level. and I slowly raise it over time. You can do lots of low impact early on. But your jumping and or heavy jumping , you should be cautious. Also, by the time they are 18 to 24 months they should have clear hip xrays and elbows. Even though they are old enough they still have to be sound enough to do it. If not it is best to not continue because it would be unfair to your dog. Been there and done that. :) A good trainer will show you the things you can and can't do from the time they are a puppy. be careful and have fun!

Dieta answered on 8/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Wow, way to jump in with both feet yourself. Cattle dogs are VERY active and need to be kept busy or they can become a nusiance.
Start teaching basic obedience as soon as you get your puppy. Do not take the pup from it's litter before 8 weeks old.

Running and jumping before one year old is not recommended, but you can train all other skills, weave poles, tunnels, teeter board, pause table (placed very low). It can be a great activity for you both.


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