Are pork backs safe for raw feeding?

I'm still new to raw feeding (and meat! I'm vegetarian!) and I just bought pork backs at the Asian market. Are these safe for dogs? They are small bones with meat on them, some of the bone seems softer, but some harder, and they sort of look like vertebrae. Chase is about 55lbs and so far the only bones he has eaten are chicken and fish.

Asked by Chase on Dec 30th 2011 in Raw Food
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Gray Dawn Treader

I've fed pork necks before. If the vertabrae make you uncomfortable, take it away when he gets to that part.
The one concern I can think of is that the cut may have been done in such a way that the vertabrae may have sharp edges and probably no meat covering them. I have fed cuts like that before, but I try to limit them. I throw it away once my dog gets to that part.

Also, whenever I feed pork, I feed smaller portions and/or take some of the fat off, because pork is higher in fat. Dogs get their energy from fat, but too much can hurt the pancreas.

I'd recommend asking this question in the raw forums, too. Only a couple of us rawbies check Answers.
Some do have issues with feeding pork, but I'm not the only rawbie who feeds it on a regular basis. It's not the best meat out there, ungulate meat is probably the best if you can get it, but I feed pork because I need to feed as much variety as possible and don't have a ton of choices. My dog is healthy.

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