are all snorkies miniature shnauzer and yorkie and how big do they get? Is there hair uneven?

I have a 10 mth old snorkie I just got and her fur seems to be uneven. How do you groom a snorkie at home?

Asked by Member 794722 on Jan 20th 2009 Tagged fur, size in Health & Safety
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Well, the 'Snorkie' is really not a recognized breed at all, but rather a mix of two dogs (I would assume a Yorkie and a Schnauzer) with a name that someone gave them in hopes to sell this 'new dog breed' and make some cash.

Having said that, I can't answer if they are ALWAYS those two breeds mixed together because it just depends on what the people you bought your dog from actually bred. Did you get to see the parents?

Schnauzers usually have short, wiry feeling (coarse) fur, and Yorkies have longer, silky fur. The mix of the two is probably why your dog's coat seems strange to you - the coat could end up being somewhere in between, depending on how 'purebred' the mom and dad were. Without AKC records, you wouldn't know this..

I am not sure what you mean by the coat being uneven, but it is probably going to be somewhere in between, and to you, it probably looks somewhat strange. I have a Yorkie/Pom mix that we rescued and his coat is longer like a Yorkie, but he has parts that poof out like a Pom (see Wallace). His parents were actually both titled AKC champions, the father being a Yorkie, and the mom being a Pom. According to the people who we got him from, they had an accidental breeding the day before the Yorkie was to be neutered. The Yorkie/Pom just needs brushing. His fur is not very long like the Yorkie, so there is no need to groom him up like that. I would assume your dog would be the same way, but without seeing her, I cannot be sure.

Sergeant answered on 1/20/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Schnauzers have wiry terrier hair, and Yorkies have silky hair. This is a horrible combination, and usually results in straggly, thin, uneven, or strange coats. You'll see the same problems with Schnauzer/Poodle mixes as well.

I never recommend home grooming, because it is far easier than you'd think to cut your dog. If you must do home grooming, get professional assistance before you EVER take a blade or scissors to your pup.
Your best bet is to have your dog professionally groomed. I recommend you do this very soon, because a dog that was not introduced to grooming as a puppy will be very difficult, if not impossible, once they are an adult. 10 months is already far too old, and she's likely going to be a nightmare for your groomer. (so cut them some slack if they're not able to groom her fully on the first visit!)

The best prep for a puppy is to take her for a good long walk just before dropping her off at the groomer's. After that, you just have to leave it to them.

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Hello. Congratulations on your Snorkie puppy! They are delightful dogs. I just so happen to raise them, they are an acknowledged hybrid dog and can also be papered depending on the parents registrations. The Snorkie's fur is usually either like the Schnauzers or the Yorkies. It sounds to me like your little one's is like the schnauzer's. I would get it's hair cut like a schnauzer. I also groom all my dogs myself and their pups and that is what I would recommend for your little one. You are in for a wonderful relationship, the Snorkie has the traits of both the Schnauzer and the Yorkie. They are so fun loving and they are so great with kids, you really couldn't ask for a better pet for kids. They just have awesome personalities. They are really smart too. They can learn tricks very quickly and with ease. You will definitely be happy with the choice you made to own a Snorkie!!

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