Any advice for first time traveling with small dogs? I'm worried the dog will be terrified!

I know the vet will give him the right sedative but he never rides in a carrier and so I'm worried that riding under the seat for a little over an hour and all of the loud noises from the flight, will scare him and something might go wrong. I've read a lot of things that "could" happen and so I'd really rather see if anyone has any advice or any good stories they could share that might ease some of my own anxiety about him flying for the first time. Thanks a lot!

Asked by Member 1103525 on Apr 1st 2012 Tagged flyingwithsmalldogs in Air Travel
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Do NOT have him sedated with anything at all. Due to the different pressures from flying it is extremely dangerous and they can end up with many complications such as vomiting and inhaling it, etc. Most airlines will not accept any pet for flying if they know it has received any tranquilizers or sedation of any type, including something as benign as benadryl.
The main thing is to get him accustomed to being in the carrier. Usually I feed mine in it for a few weeks prior to the flight, as well as take them for lots of car rides in the carrier.
Also, make sure your carrier fits the measurements for the particular airline you are using. While most of the different brands are advertised as approved for flying, each airline has different size limits that they accept and nothing is worse than showing up and finding out the carrier you have is not accepted by the airline you are flying on.
That said, if your dog is used to the carrier there are seldom any issues with flying. Good luck!

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