A question about recall?

My puppy knows how to come. That is, when there isn't something else more interesting going on. Which is fine most of the time, but the last time I went to the dog park, I got a little irritated with how he ignored me because he was busy sniffing. I even gave him time to sniff and tried calling him when he seemed to be finished with his little exploration. But he just ignored me and went on sniffing again! And I know dogs like to sniff and stuff, and I don't want to be unreasonable, but I really wish he would listen to me more. What if a moment arises where I need him to come, but he is distracted and won't? Usually when he doesn't listen I get down to his level and call him and use treats, but even that wasn't working! Is there any way I can strengthen his recall, so even if distracted he comes?

Asked by Member 1001093 on Aug 18th 2010 Tagged recall, come, here, ignore, ignoring, distraction in Commands
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I'm including a link to the Really Reliable Recall:

The idea is you should have practiced an emergency recall as well as an everyday recall. Using a nonsense word for your emergency recall so your dog won't hear it all the time.

When you practice recall the reward should be a BIG, HUGE, AMAZING, PROLONGED, WOW, SUPER DOG! Make it last 30 seconds or more and keep doleing out tiny, top-drawer treats. Save special treats for the recall.

When in a high distraction area like the dog park, recall, take collar, super party! then release to play more. Do this often enough and he should respond better.

I think the idea is to distract the dog with treats for long enough that they forget you called them....he, he, he!

We are suggesting food rewards, but if your dog has something he LOVES best - use that!

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♥ Sparky ♥

I agree with the previous response, but this may work. When you give him something he really LOVES, lets say treats, when you give him one, say "TREAT" and once he knows the word, and you sya "TREAT" he may connect the word.... and he will come for his treat. This worked with a friend's chi, and now if you say the word "TREAT" he will come running downstairs, to you, and if you happen to be near where the treats come out of, he stands by that door. I hope this helps! ((Wags))

♥ Sparky ♥ answered on 8/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer