Lily Anne Grace

My dog wakes me up in the night by staring at me and growling a weird creepy growl and doesn't seem to recognize me?

I have taken her to the vet but other than behavior problems she appears fine to him. She doesn't do this every night but when she does it last a good five minutes or so and the next morning she will be sucky and clingy with me but snappy and somewhat aggressive towards my other dogs and cats or she will be wildly hyper and aggressive towards the other animals. During these episodes she stares me at me while growling and it's not her usual growl,when I talk to her she doesn't notice, I wave me hand past her face and she doesn't even blink. After 5 minutes or so she gets up goes back to bed and goes to sleep. Could this be a sleep disorder? She is a three year old Bichon Frise, spayed and up to date on all shots.

Asked by Lily Anne Grace on Jan 16th 2013 Tagged sleep, growling in Other Health & Wellness
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Scooter, PAWS

Could it possibly be a seizure? I had a dog who growled and was confused after she had a seizure. It would last a few minutes and she would be okay again.

Is this only happening at night? If so, it may be something else. You also mention she just stares? there are types of seizures where they don't convulse, but instead stare or "disconnect".

She's around the age that she could be showing first signs of epilepsy. Maybe discuss that with your vet?

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