Adult dog refusing to be house trained?

My adult pom-mix, Herman, was housetrained by the time he was 9 months old, then my mom got her new untrained puppy and he relapsed, doing what Taz was.
It used to be now and then mistakes, but now he straight up refuses to do his business outside! I let him outside(we have a huge fenced in backyard) and then let him in after he's had plenty of time to do his business, he goes into the family room when I'm not looking and defecates! Taz too! Just tonight I was making myself a snack, and Taz defecated 6 inches from me on the kitchen floor!

I do try with these dogs, I use a carpet cleaner at least once a month to get rid of any lingering scents, and use oder remove spray, I always let them have plenty of time outside and keep a close eye on him, but they still won't learn!

I love him to death, but I'm at my wits end and need advice.

Asked by Herman on Nov 17th 2012 in House Soiling
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