2 year old daschund-german shepherd cross who pees whenever my boyfriend letst her out of the office when he comes home.

Atticus is fine and happy to see me when I come home and let her out of the office where she stays while we're at work. Whenever my boyfriend Jesse (Atticus is his dog) comes home she immediately pees and poos evrywhere, but shes still happy to see him and wags her tail and greets him. Shes a nervous dog and has come a long way since we adopted her 3 months ago but this is a big issue and she only pees in the house for this reason, shes otherwise housebroken.
Why does she only do this when he comes home first and lets her out? and how can we get this to stop, its not fair that Jesse has to clean up dog pee everytime he comes home from work!?

Asked by Atticus on Oct 6th 2008 in House Soiling
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This was just on "It's Me Or The Dog" on animal planet, last night.

What is the difference? Meaning, how do you greet her when YOU let her out of the office, and how does your boyfriend greet her?

Try not showing her much attention, right when you get home. Do go right to the belly rubs and kisses and hugs and the "Oh I missed you" in the baby talk voice. Just walk in, let her out, but don't give more than a pat on the head and a small hello to Atticus. Wait till you get her outside to do all the "I love my dog" stuff.

Good luck.

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