Can someone please provide me with strict, effective, safe, and fun training regimen to help me accomplish my goals?

My name is Pilot and I am a 3.5 month old Siberian Husky that came home with my Daddy about a week ago. He is fully committed to spending several…

ASKED BY Pilot on 1/10/14
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BBop Wysocki

Why is it so hard for those who aren't physically challenged to condemn those that are from being dog trainers?

I am in a power wheelchair,but NOT 100% glued to it. I do have issues when I stand for too long.I also have damage to both my hands, but still can…

ASKED BY BBop Wysocki on 11/3/13
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Guest Member Since

My otherwise obedient dog is obsessed with squirrels and broke through my lanai screen this morning. HELP?

Our 13 pounds rescue dog is a gentle, sweet dog .... until she sees a squirrel. Then, she turns into Cujo. This morning I let her out on the lanai…

ASKED BY Member 1196830 on 10/30/13
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Guest Member Since

A 4 months labrador retrievers?

I have a 4 months labrador he wants to enjoy with every thing thats not bad but he also wants to ,,, how can I make him lose his seXual energy :/

ASKED BY Member 1194366 on 10/14/13
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Proper Miniature American Shepherd/Australian Shepherd stack?

mama's teaching me to stack! However she is new to showing dogs and I want to look perfect! Any photos or videos of how a proper Miniature American…

ASKED BY Faith on 8/26/13
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Introducing my chihuahua to larger jumps?

My dog Pedro is about 10-12 inches at the withers and can jump 12 inches already and am trying to go for 15 inches. Should I practice balance and…

ASKED BY Pedro on 7/24/13
IN Methods of Training

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