Aussie being weird about personal space at bedtime?

We have a fantastic 14-month old Aussie. He's a great dog with a few quirks, some of which we aren't sure are caused by his young age or if they are…

ASKED BY Wyatt on 4/21/13
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2 Springer spaniel puppies don't sleep at night?

They are 10 week old and came home at 8 weeks. Their crate is in the master bedroom on the side of the bed. After dinner we take the water away but…

ASKED BY Member 1157626 on 3/2/13
IN Crate Training

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How do I get my 1.5 yr old dog to sleep through the night?

When we first got her as a puppy, we crate trained. Then when she got older and more trustworthy with potty training, we started leaving the crate…

ASKED BY Member 1154696 on 2/11/13
IN Crate Training

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My Great Dane is pooping and peeing in the crate. Help?

My great dane is less than a year old, has been trained, and has no bladder issues. Lately, he's been waiting until he know's we're getting ready to…

ASKED BY Member 1151097 on 1/20/13
TAGGED potty, pooping, peeing, advice IN Crate Training

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Can I crate train a new puppy in the same crate as the existing 7yr old dog. Both are shin tzus?

I have a 7 yr old shin tzu male and will b getting a 9 week old female. The older dog is very spoiled and attached to me. How do I get them together…

ASKED BY Member 1149764 on 1/13/13
IN Crate Training

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How much food does a 3mo Miki need? Also any advice on crate training?

I have a rare breed Miki puppy born on 9/30/12. I have only had her for a few days. She is a very sweet puppy. Pees and poops outside for the most…

ASKED BY Member 1147368 on 12/30/12
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How to stop yelping in crate? 18 wk old male beagle?

We have an 18 week old male beagle. Trying to crate train him at night, whenever he is in the crate he yelps nonstop. Have tried keeping food and…

ASKED BY Member 1146307 on 12/22/12
IN Crate Training

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